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Wall Systems
A wall can be an excellent outdoor sight and sound buffer, can protect a home or an entire neighborhood, and can be add a unique character to a location. Their proven cost effectiveness, durability and design flexibility makes Tropical Fence's wall installations an outstanding choice for just about any wall and entrance way location.

Our wall systems consist of galvanized steel posts spaced 8 feet on centers with closed-cell expanded polystyrene, steel reinforced filler board placed between the posts in a fiber reinforced acrylic modified stucco applied to all exterior surfaces.

Foam core panels are slotted at each end to receive the steel post inside the panel. By having the post inside the foam, we have eliminated the different substrates. Stucco bridges the panels in a fault-free connection. Special panels are designed with a top and bottom steel plate fastened inside the foam core panel. The panels are fastened to the steel posts with self-tapping screws for high-quality and long life.